Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bluewater Hunters

Two keen kiwis wanted to check out the local spearfisihing scene - so we obliged. Yellow fin Tuna, Mahimahi, a lost Wahoo, several skippies and a multitude of other species kept Dave and Shaun smiling. Great to have you guys on board - we look forward to our next adventure.

Vaka Eiva

Vaka Eiva is the biggest sporting event in the Cook Islands attracting competitors from around the world. Bluewater Adventures played a key role in this event as a security and support vessel. The opening races were in some horrendous conditions but the week calmed down for the changeover races. What a week! Special shout out to the Kiwi Girls from up North - kia kaha!

Friday, January 12, 2007

On2It kids doing On2It things

The staff at On2It wrapped up their kids academy training classes with a fantastic day on the water with Bluewater Adventures. A rendezvous at Traders, fitting of life jackets then straight out on to the tube! Smiles all around! A fun afternoon for all with fish and chips to wrap up the day. Some very happy campers!


Well I finally made it online - has been a long time coming considering I build webpages at work!!!! This blog gives the boys at Bluewater Adventures the opportunity to post the adventures as they happen so all our visitors can see what were up to - whos catching what - who let the big one get away!

Photos: On2It kids training Academy ready for some fun on the tube, Boys heading out to the fishing grounds (Jason, Rob , Derek (fr) Brendon) , The awesome paddling crew from NZ , Kyle with a lovely Dog Tooth Tuna - 15kg , Cleaning "Bluewater" after spearing, the "Girls" ready for night chasing flying fish.